Warm Congratulations for the launch of the first mining excavator of Shandong Kuangan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Dec 16, 2021

On the morning of August 18, 2021, the first mining hydraulic excavator of Shandong Kuangan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. rolled off the production line. Our company’s leadership, design team and assembly team held an launching ceremony. Li Pengpeng spoke as the representative of R&D team and Chen Qian, general manager,made a concluding speech.


The mining hydraulic excavators developed and produced by our company are suitable for open-pit mine operations,it can  make the rotary table work freely within 360°, and the boom, stick and bucket are moved by hydraulic transmission to realize the mining and minerals lifting ,rotation and unloading cycle operations.There is no need to move the machine body in any kind of operating cycle of the machine itself,, which is a self-propelled machine that realizes displacement by a crawler walking mechanism.

During this period, the R&D team used countless data calculations and  prototypes to perform high-frequency and complex simulations to complete the optimal design of the excavator structural system in the fastest and the lowest cost, ensuring the high reliability of the products.

It only took more than half a year for the product to go from R/D period to prototype trial production and then to the successful roll-off of the first product. The successful launch of the mining hydraulic excavator marked the further improvement of our company's new product research and development capabilities and market response capabilities.