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Technical Support

The remote control intelligent loading robot (hereinafter referred to as the robot) is an efficient and intelligent production equipment integrating excavation and loading, mainly used for excavation and loading operations in the construction of inclined and flat lanes in mines, railway tunnel construction and national defense caves.

The robot relies on crawler belt propulsion and bucket excavation to pick up the rock and send it to its own belt conveyor and unload the rock from the tail of the conveyor into a dump truck or mine car. At the same time, the excavating arm bucket can be used to pick up distant rocks, The bucket can also be used to clean the working surface, realizing a full-section and no dead angle working interface which greatly improves the efficiency of mining and loading and reduces the labors intensity .Specially designed and manufactured according to the working environment of the talc mine site, this robot has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible maneuverability, etc.and can work in narrow and wet roadways. It adopts a full remote control operation mode which can realize that front-line workers  far away from the mining surface, making the workers safer and greatly reducing the hazards to the workers. 


The robot is mainly composed of working mechanism, conveying mechanism, walking mechanism, hydraulic system, power mechanism, electrical system, remote control and other parts.

The operation process of this machine is to use the remote control to operate the equipment first to be driven by the crawler, so that the conveying trough material mouth is filled with stone, and then using a bucket to picked up stones into the belt conveyor , which conveys the stone to the back and unloads it into self-unloading Cars, mine carts or other transfer equipment. The bucket can also be used to excavate loose working surface  or to pick up distant stones into the material inlet.

c. Hydraulic pilot control, sensitive action and convenient operation

  Using hydraulic pilot operation, easy and convenient operation, reliable performance, accurate  action system for  lifting and positioning, fast material transportation, safe, reliable, environmental protection and high efficiency, saving  a lot of manpower , fully in line with ergonomics;

d. Adoping mine type special steel crawler chain rail,  it has high wear resistance and impact resistance.

     Positive pin fixed seal lubrication crawler design can effectively prevent pin movement and crawler chain link cracking, thereby providing reliable sealing and the longest crawler life;

e. The main hydraulic components are all domestic well-known brands with stable and reliable performance

Main technical parameters performance

Specification model


Loading capacity

30 m³/h



Installed power


Belt width


Transmission method

hydraulic roller

Applicable roadway slope


Applicable roadway minimum section

1.8×1.8m or more

Minimum turning radius


Maximum material passing size


Digging height


Digging width


Digging depth


Vehicle weight


Product  operation environmental conditions

a) The Proctor hardness f of the rock is less than or equal to 12,  block size is less than or equal to 400mm, and the loose density is not more than 1.8t/m3;

b) Altitude ≤1000m. Special design is required for plateau environment above 1000m above sea level;

c) The roadway environment is -5℃~+40℃, and the maximum relative humidity is ≤90% (when the temperature is 25℃);

d) The voltage limit deviation is ±5%, and the AC frequency limit deviation is ±1%;

e) Roadway slope ≤12°.